How To Wear Pocket Square

The pocket square is one of the indispensable details for defining gentleman’s style.

All traditionally tailored jackets have featured a chest pocket not for a pair of sun glasses or business cards, but to show off a bit of elegance. Therefore, without something inside, a breast pocket appears unnecessary and the outfit seems incomplete.

one corner pocket

Here some simple tips you need to know about this pocket secret:


Today, most men avoid donning one, fearing that they will do it incorrectly or in the bad way. They are not wrong! It’s not impossible to see everywhere daring combinations and foldings. The most important thing to remember is that the way of wearing it should appear unstudied but not accidental, contributing to the overall charm.


The best size for the pocket square is the 16 to 18 inch and its exposed points and edges need to be rolled and (if possible) stitched by hand for an extra touch of refinement.


The first order of business is to learn some of the most popular way to fold and wear them, remembering that the best folded squares are those that do not draw too much attention to themselves.

Piegatura 1

The one point fold is the easiest way to fold an handkerchief. Simple but not ordinary, it adds a finishing touch to the outfit.


The two point (or more) fold reinforces the diagonal lines of the jacket and accentuates the chest’s shape and shoulders’ breadth.

pocket square 2

Although long considered old fashioned, the straight fold is perfect if you love papillon or you are not wearing a neck tie. It gives a stylish look to your suit.

pocket square 3

The pouf fold is better way to fold a silk pocket square. It should fit comfortably into the pocket, for a natural and a little bit dandy style.


Pocket square colour is usually determined by tie’s colour and pattern. For exemple, a solid coloured handkerchief should be mated with a patterned necktie, and please, it should not be of the same colour. At the same time it could echo a colour in the shirt or in the suit.


The same logic draws the fabric choice: it depends on the necktie’s material. A silken tie calls for a matte pocket square made in linen or cotton. A wool or linen necktie requires the luster of a silk one.

pocket quare 4

Extra tip

If you are not a “matching master”, just keep it simple: a white linen or cotton square is the easiest and most appropriate choice.

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