Men's Handmade Pocket Squares

Have you ever wondered why most jackets are equipped with an external pocket? Not only for storing sunglasses and business cards, but also to show off a little touch of elegance: the pocket square. What is it exactly? Most commonly referred to as "handkerchief", the pocket square is an ornamental detail that helps define a real man of style. When is it used? Whenever you wear a jacket, of course.

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pocket square

What colour should the handkerchief be? A complete pass to the imagination here. The pocket square for men can be white, black, red, yellow, but with only one condition to remember: never choose it in the same pattern as a tie or shirt. If you have doubts about the colour to choose, always prefer white. You'll never be wrong, as it matches all types of jackets and all occasions.

The handkerchief (or pocket square) is often available in different sizes, but the standard ones start from 30x30 cm and above, so that it does not sail or disappear inside the pocket and is more easy to fold. How to fold it? The possibilities are endless, but the most common folds are at one or three points, square or puff. Which fabric? Silk and wool are suitable for special occasions or business meetings, cotton for every day, and Linen for summer leisure time.

For an exclusive ceremony like a wedding or a gala dinner. To go to the office every day or for the very important meetings. The men's pocket square is a perfect accessory to match any man's suit with bow tie or necktie. White in cotton its worn with a ceremonial tuxedo or a groom suit. Jacquard printed silk with a solid colour shirt for business formal looks. In linen and cotton with original patterns during the weekend or summer evenings.

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