Metropolitan wedding

The skyline of a big city. A multi-starred hotel featuring high design architecture. Amidst velvets and polychrome marbles, the Lanieri Man is getting ready to say yes. Confident, elegant and cosmopolitan, his choice falls on garments and suits boasting an impeccable, and precise cut, which combines design with an unmistakable craftsmanship of excellence.

The right suit for the big day

A wedding suit says a lot about its wearer and will forever be a part of your happiest memories; selecting the right made-to-measure ceremony suit is therefore of prime importance.

Whether you are the groom, a groomsman or a guest, offers a wide range of made-to-measure wedding and ceremony suits to wear on special occasions. Cut from outstanding fabrics from the most renowned Italian manufacturers, including Zegna, Loro Piana and Reda, Lanieri’s wedding suit and tuxedo offer was created to meet every style need.

Our suggestions for the perfect wedding out

Icon Midnight Blue Suit - Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna

Midnight blue double-breasted ceremony suit with white pocket square and buttonhole
Waistcoat Icon Midnight Blue
Suit Icon Midnight Blue

Expert tips from our Style Advisor

A hallmark of timeless elegance: midnight blue. Perfect for the most formal of events, in the late afternoon and evening. Matching waistcoat, double-breasted silhouette. A silver tie adds a subtle touch of shine, while a plain-edge white pocket square in a straight fold and boutonniere will complete the look.

Cobalt Blue Biella Suit - Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna

Made to measure midnight blue groom suit with necktie and pocket square
Suit Cobalt Blue Biella
Blue double-breasted Made in Italy groom suit with Ermenegildo Zegna fabric

Blue Twill Suit - Lanificio Loro Piana

Blue twill made to measure groom suit with waistcoat and necktie
Suit Blue Twill
Waistcoat Authentic Grey

Expert tips from our Style Advisor

Sophisticated and luminous, this fabric boasts superior shine thanks to its twill weave. Blue is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes not to look overly formal. For grooms, a contrasting silver waistcoat chosen to complement the tie is always a classic choice.

Black Twill Tuxedo - Lanificio Reda

Made to measure groom tuxedo with bow tie and Made in Italy shirt
Tuxedo Black Twill 100% Wool
Black ceremony tuxedo with made to measure shirt and pocket square

White Wool Tuxedo - Lanificio Zignone

Italian Made to measure white ceremony tuxedo
Tuxedo White Solid Color Wool

Expert tips from our Style Advisor

The white tuxedo offers an alternative to the classic tuxedo. Ideal for outdoor ceremonies. The double-breasted jacket, with matching satin lapels, is at once bold and sophisticated.

Choose the made to measure suit for your wedding

Made to measure wedding suitsMade to measure tuxedos

Try the Lanieri experience in person or via video consultation

Whether you are the groom, a groomsman or a guest, you can count on the experience and advice of one of our Style Advisor. We will choose together and for free the most suitable fabric for your made to measure suit, the best shirt and accessories to match, we will compare the various customizations and find the best combinations based on the occasions. You can find us in Milan, Turin, Rome, Bologna, Paris, Brussels and Zurich. You can also make a video consultation wherever you want.


We suggest you book 3 months ahead of your ceremony to ensure we have all the time we need to make your perfect suit.
We will package it and ship it to you within 4 weeks. In this way we will have plenty of time to add the necessary changes in order to make it perfect.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost solely depends on the chosen fabric; all customizations are included. Buying from our ateliers does not involve additional costs.

Absolutely. The appointment and consultation offered by our Style Advisors are free of charge. We pride ourselves in taking the utmost care of the customers who choose to trust us with their made-to-measure wedding suits. Offering outstanding service is priceless.

We welcome every visit to our ateliers. However, in order to best assist you, we suggest you book a free appointment, in order to dedicate the time and attention you deserve in choosing and customizing your ceremony suit.

If you are looking for a suit and need further information, you may book the “Ceremony information” appointment. We will spend 30 minutes together to show you our current offer, discuss costs and explain our modus operandi. If you choose Lanieri for your big day, we suggest you book an 1-hour appointment in order to take your measurements, choose the right fabric and personalize your suit.

Wear a proper fitting shirt to allow us to best take your measurements. You may also bring a garment whose fit you especially like.

Feel free to bring a friend, we welcome everyone. You may bring up to two people along with you. Should they also require a style consultation, we recommend they book an appointment so we can best assist them.

The consultation is free and we do everything we can to provide you with the best service. Unexpected events do happen; please inform us as soon you know you need to reschedule.

We suggest you book 3 months ahead of your ceremony to ensure we have all the time we need to make your perfect suit.