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Whether you are the groom, the best man or a guest at a wedding, you can count on the experience and advice of our Style Advisors.

Together we will choose for free the best fabric for your tailored suit, shirt and the accessories to match, we will compare the various customizations and we will find the perfect combinations according to the occasions.

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You're the star: if there is a day in which you want to feel unique, the day has come. Elegant and unique, the Made in Italy made to measure is the best you can give to yourself. Once in a lifetime.


Celebrate this special moment: wed the elegance to personality, a formal look with a creative spirit. Today you have an important role: show your style, give your best.


You have many ways to join the party: choose what makes you special, your mood and your style. The only way to feel good is to freely express yourself, in every single detail.

NOTES: We recommend you to order your ceremony suit at least two months in advance. We will package and ship it to you within 4 weeks. In this way we will have the time to do the necessary changes in order to make it perfect.