Custom men's knit sweaters

It’s getting cold, and it’s better to be prepared. Lanieri offers you a selection of knit sweaters in 100% cashmere or 100% wool, ideal for facing autumn and winter with the utmost style, without giving up on a warm sensation. You can choose between snag knit sweaters or extra fine wool models designed to perfectly fit under an elegant jacket. Draw your garment now: select the size that suits you best following Lanieri's advice and then create your style by defining the length, the type of collar and the weft. It only takes a few minutes to give life to your original and - of course - 100% Made in Italy knit sweater.

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Knit sweaters in cashmere, wool or extra fine wool that, starting from standard sizes, can be customized. You can select the type of collar (round neck, V-neck, turtleneck, cardigan), the type of yarn (smooth, ribbing, braids) and the length of your garment (short, regular, long) to make every Lanieri sweater really ‘yours’.

Select the design that best suits your look and customize your sweater: you can choose between smooth, ribbed or braid. Each design is suitable for a mood and an occasion: try the elegant smooth version, the versatile ribbed sweater or the casual - and always trendy - braid model.

Snug sweaters are ideal for more casual occasions, while the elegant models created with extra fine wool are perfect to be worn under your jacket during business meetings or mundane moments. The raw materials, cashmere or wool depending on the models, represent the right mix of informality and refinement. The knitwear items proposed by Lanieri are versatile and customizable, ideal for renewing your winter wardrobe with a 100% Made in Italy style.

The proposals of Lanieri knitwear items can offer you the solutions you are looking for, from mid-season to winter. For business events you can try our models in extra fine wool under your elegant jackets: they perfectly follow the lines of the body. If, instead, you have to participate in a more casual event, choose the softness and warmth of the 100% cashmere or 100% wool models: try these models with a pair of elegant trousers, chinos or even the more informal jeans.