It all starts from you

Made to measure

We only produce the garments you create

Genuine sustainable

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Our commitment to sustainability is one of the key values at the core of Lanieri’s philosophy: we manufacture made-to-measure, made-to-order garments, with a zero-waste approach. Lanieri’s designs are easily customizable in a few clicks, thus providing a unique sartorial experience that truly meets our customers’ needs, whatever the time or place.

Being digital means being even more sustainable. This is why we are proud to offer a service through which technological innovation can guarantee everyone finds their perfect garment for any occasion, all the while respecting the environment and avoiding waste.

Every made-to-measure Lanieri garment is manufactured ad hoc for each single client in order to truly have minimal impact on the environment thanks to a zero-waste policy that also involves a zero-stock approach.

This is a new digital take on made-to-measure that brings together elegance and waste reduction in order to make clothes tailored to the customer’s needs and...

Nothing more.

98,9% sold

1,1% returns

70% sold

30% returns

We donate 100% of the returns to charity, so as to avoid any waste.

(*) Post-sales sector average calculated on a sample basis from prêt-à-porter clothing.

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People first

At Lanieri, every garment is manufactured with passion as a result of experience and a superior attention to detail from everyone involved in making it.

This is why we only work with select Italian manufacturers who, thank to their passion and professionalism, can guarantee outstanding product that meet the highest quality standards.

At Lanieri, people are at the core of every process: it is thanks to them we can meet our customers’ needs and offer them clothing made with attention and dedication.

Last but not least, we truly enjoy taking care of our people by promoting a gratifying and serene work environment, one that allows everyone to feel involved and satisfied.

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Made in Italy, minus the waste

A thorough selection of raw materials, passion and attention to detail: this is what makes Lanieri’s clothing and accessories the ultimate embodiment of the Made in Italy tradition.

Behind every made-to-measure Lanieri garment is a story of quality and excellence.

The experience that makes Italian manufacturers so unique is what ensures every piece meets the highest quality standards while staying true to Italy’s tailoring heritage; this is why we only use fabrics manufactured by the country’s most prestigious companies.

The Lanieri forest: more trees, less CO2


kg di CO2

By collaborating with Treedom, the only digital platform that allows to plant a tree remotely and follow its growth online, we gave birth to a real forest of over 1000 trees, which has allowed us to save 462.250kg of CO2 as of today.

Founded in Florence in 2010, Treedom has planted over 700.000 trees in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy. Every tree is planted by local farmers and provides a number of environmental, social and economic benefits.