Men's Handmade Ties

Turning heads during the official gatherings and a must have for the business affairs, the tie accentuates the smart casual or any formal looks of men all over the world. To understand the origin of the tie you have to go back in history to the seventeenth century when Croatian officers began to use the tie as a part of their uniform to distinguish themselves from others. The tie soon transitioned from a military add-on to an accessory that symbolises masculine elegance. What exactly is the necktie used for? It was once used to hide the button placket of the shirts, but now it is an elegant men’s accessory for completing all the smart casual, refined and formal looks.

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Entirely handmade in Italy, Lanieri neckties are made with the best Italian fabrics. Black, blue, green, grey, regimental, solid colour, in a variety of patterns: which necktie to choose? It depends on the occasion and place. A silk printed necktie in a rich pattern is suitable for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies and parties, the neckties with subtle patterns are perfect for business affairs. The ones in wool and cotton are suitable for a casual workplace or for sophisticated leisure time. The linen blend neckties, especially because of the natural fibre effect, are perfect for a summer look.

Each made-to-measure Lanieri necktie can be customised in 4 different styles, which one suits you? Classic necktie, with an 8 cm blade width, perfect for everyday wardrobe. Young necktie, with a narrow width of 4.5 cm, suitable for leisure time and informal weekend get-togethers. Unlined necktie, with a width of 7 cm and without the inner lining. Ultra modern and light. Last but not least, the Seven folds necktie is the peak of luxury. With a width of the blade of 8 cm, it gets all the importance because of its laborious construction. A sartorial tie from the classical times, made with a single piece of fabric folded three times on one side and four on the other and then sewn by hand. A longed-for accessory for those who appreciate quality.

The right length of the necktie is very important when knotted, measured from the belt of the trousers. According to everyone’s body type, it is important to choose the adequate dimensions of the necktie. For someone with height less than 1.65 m (5ft 5in), the short length is recommended i. e 140 cm (4ft 7in), someone who is between 1.65 m and 1.85 m (6ft 1in) tall the standard size of the necktie is recommended, which is 150 cm (4ft 11in) and for over 1.85 m tall individuals it is recommended size is Long length necktie which is 155 cm (5ft 1in) long.

This question of how and when to wear a tie leads to very strategic options: how to pair the right tie? Here are some tips. With the jacket-shirt work attire and during the important business meetings, it is better to avoid very bright colours. For a touch of personality in any look opt for small geometric designs. The striped tie, or regimental, is always to be avoided with a pinstripe suit. With a wedding suit or a classic tuxedo, choose plain necktie in silk fabric. And for free time? Avoid pairing with jeans or short-sleeved shirts.