Work, Play And Explore With Passion. Dress With Conscience.

Designed by Matteo Upinot, Lanieri’s new capsule collection channels the spirit of the times while staying true to the Italian sartorial excellence that is as the root of it all. The way we work, travel and live today requires a versatile and effortless wardrobe that never stands in the way. Beyond functionality, the clothes we wear need to reflect our values and be part of a solution: buying less, buying better, and putting sustainability first. Designed for today, made to last forever.

Outstanding tailoring now comes in ready-made sizing.

—————— KNIT POLO

A man is leaning against a window and is wearing a relaxed long-sleeved knit polo shirt with a casual soul and slim fit joggers, with a natural landscape in the background

Contemporary Touches

The power of details: without its signature buttons, the knit polo is fresher than ever.

The reflection of a man in a design environment wearing a soft and versatile knit polo shirt
A man is standing in an elegant house wearing a comfortable and versatile overshirt and a pair of stretch joggers
Overshirt 100% Natural Stretch Gray Wool
Jogger 100% Natural Stretch Gray Wool

Deconstructing A Staple

An effortless alternative to jackets, an instant injection of laidback style.


A man behind a window is wearing a casual Made in Italy overshirt

The New Casuals

Easy like activewear, smart like tailoring: joggers for the new generation.

A man wearing a casual-style travel suit Made in Italy walks on a wooden walkway alongside a mysterious-looking lake

—————— JOGGER

Misty peaks
A man in a Nordic forest wears a casual and contemporary technical blazer and a pair of comfortable slim fit joggers
Technical Blazer Stretch Navy Blue Wool
Jogger Stretch Navy Blue Wool

High Performance, Low Maintenance

Deconstructed for comfort, engineered for functionality, designed for versatility.


A man is inspired by woodland nature while wearing a casual and contemporary technical blazer and a pair of comfortable slim fit joggers

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Knit Polo


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