Men's Handmade Bow Ties

The bow tie was originated in the seventeenth century in the military, but soon it became an exclusive accessory reserved for the very elegant occasions, worn together with tuxedos and tailcoats. Casual, classic, eccentric: the styles vary according to the venue, but what exactly is the bow tie? The bow tie is an essential detail of the black-tie but is also it is also conquering the looks for the less formal gatherings as they are available in different fabrics and versatile colours with elegant patterns. Sometimes it is a chic alternative to the classic necktie. Browse the collection of custom bow ties and choose the one that suits your style.

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Black, blue, white, green, grey: which colour of bow tie would you like to have? When the dress code mentions it, the bow tie must be paired with the suit or tuxedo, following the rigorous canons of elegance. With the black-tie, for example, you wear the solid black colour bow tie (hence the name) in satin or shiny silk like the waistband. Instead, for an evening in tailcoat, the bow tie should be in white pique fabric matching the gilet. The bow tie turns into an accessory suitable for more casual looks, for example with a sports jacket or combined with a sweater. In this case free pass to the patterns, but better to opt for less shiny and bright fabrics like wool.

Among the various designs created by different stylists in the recent years, the two most popular types are: the classic and the diamond-point bow tie. The classic bow tie the most basic form, a touch of refined elegance suitable even for the very formal occasions. The diamond-point bow tie is ideal for men who are tall or have a narrow face. Perfectly suitable for tuxedos with peak lapels and make you look like a million dollars.


Wearing the bow tie correctly means having the right dimensions. Whatever is the size of the bow tie, it is very important that it looks balanced well with the shape of the face, the height of the neck and the style of the shirt. Here on, there are two sizes available: 5 cm in height for people with a neck circumference up to 41 cm in height and 6 cm in height for circumferences starting from 42 cm. It is important that the collar of the shirt is not smashed by the tie, so it is better to choose the shirt with wide collars, like the cutaway collar, wingtip or the rounded collar.

While wearing a tuxedo to a black-tie event, or wear with the classic tailcoat for a wedding, the bow tie in a solid colour is undoubtedly an essential accessory for the very important events. When in doubt between a necktie or a bow tie during the leisure time, there are no set rules, it all comes down to your personal style. For the business formal look, there are some small rules to be followed: never go without a jacket on and never wear the bow tie to a job interview.