The measurement process

The measurement


By taking your measures using our process, you will be able to order your made to measure garments directly and conveniently from home. Even if you don’t have any experience in tailoring whatsoever, or it is the first time you use the tape measure, by following precisely our video tutorial you will be able to give us all the information needed to create your made to measure garment online!

Upon receiving the required measures, they will be processed by an innovative statistical algorithm - entirely developed by the Lanieri team - that will verify their accuracy, both separately and as a whole. The algorithm allows us to immediately evaluate the measures for typos or in case they don’t match the suggested body type.

After being evaluated by the algorithm, the measures will be also reviewed by an expert tailor, who will additionally inspect them before creating your made to measure garment.

If the algorithm or the tailor considered one or more measures not ideal to create your garment, we will contact you to ask you to double check them. This does not mean that the measures are incorrect, but they simply require further assessment.

Lanieri measurement flow