What’s the Difference Between a Suit Jacket and a Blazer?

Classic jacket vs sport jacket vs blazer vs suit jacket … Men’s jackets names and fashion terms are so many, and most men use a lot of them interchangeably, the difference between a suit jacket and a blazer is a prime example of this.

Not all things in menswear are clean-cut and talking with our customers about these two classic menswear pieces, for example, we’ve found out that a lot of them believe the only difference is that one comes with a pair of matching pants and the other doesn’t. Is this a common thing? Of course it is. Is it correct? Not exactly…

Contemporary tailoring has become incredibly varying and every brand offers his specific idea of menswear. But we can still find some evident differences between a garment and another, and these features irrevocably determine how to wear them.

Talking about jackets, every sartorial detail, such as shoulders or internal construction, characterizes the style and level of formality of the garment. That’s why knowing the differences between a jacket and a blazer will help you to properly choose your look, looking sharp based on the environment you are in.

We know you don’t want to wear a looking-sporty piece to an event that calls for formality, right? So, read on and discover more about the two most iconic men’s jackets differences and how we tailor them.


Jacket shoulders (up) vs blazer shoulders (down)
Jacket shoulders (up) vs blazer shoulders (down)

Suit jackets

Carefully made by hand by first inserting an ultra-light shoulder padding and then an extra-small padding (called rollino) where the sleeve is attached, our puckered Neapolitan shoulders provide the upper part of the jacket with more shape and structure and give roundness to the shoulders.


Simple and unstructured. The special construction with traditional shirt-shoulders, a particular method of attaching the sleeve of a jacket to the body with a shirt-making technique, provides the garments with a softer and more natural fit, which simply follows the natural shape of your body.

Inner construction

half-canvassed jacket (left) vs unstructured blazer (right)
Half-canvassed jacket (left) vs unstructured blazer (right)

Suit jackets

Comfy yet sharp. The perfect wearability of our made-to-measure suit jackets is obtained thanks to the traditional canvas that extends from the shoulder down through the chest, and inner lining.

Another defining feature is about the fit: closer and tighter. This is because suit jackets aren’t meant to be layered, at most, you’ll be wearing a dress shirt and thin sweater vest underneath them.


Traditionally blazers have a looser fit compared to suit jackets. The fully unstructured construction, paddless and unlined, makes our blazers incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. Their more natural, lightweight and comfortable cut is designed to follow your body’s natural curves.

The style: when to wear them?

Suit jackets

Man on the phone, wearing a office suit office and holding a cup of coffee
The jacket is perfect for formal and work occasions

The most common garment on the planet, and the one most men own. Thanks to its sharp fit, a suit jacket is the right answer for the vast majority of formal situations. To be worn with matching pants for the most important business meetings, or matched with patterned trousers for your everyday look.



A man wears a blue blazer while holding a slice of pizza
The blazer is the perfect choice for leisure and a more sporty and casual look

More formal than a sports jacket, a blazer is just a step lower than the suit jacket.  If you’re looking for something to accent your casual and comfy approach to elegance, a blazer is the right choice. The right choice for sporting events and weekends.


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