The travel suit

We all know what a suit is, and probably we all already have more than one, but what exactly a travel suit is? What makes it different from normal suits? And above all, why do any gentleman in the world should have one in his closet, ready to fit the suitcase?

Running from a gate to another, getting on and off aeroplanes, hopping in and out of cabs, being squished on the subway or driving from a city to another. Men who spend a lot of time travelling definitely know how important and difficult is to do all these things while maintaining a certain elegance.

Scheduling and organizing is one thing, but the important thing is to still look smart and cool when you arrive. That’s why travelling in style includes your clothing: it’s just a matter of choosing the right look.

You need your clothes to work with you, not against you. When on the move, we all need something that follow our movements in the best way, something cut from natural crease-resistant, quick-drying, lightweight and breathable fabrics. Seems a hard thing? Surprisingly it is not. To choose the right suit to travel in, just keep in mind these three simple words: quality, versatility and fit. 

Traveller Suit Lanieri

Quality build

A travelling suit should be constructed to resist expected tear and abrasion. In this regard, seams should be as accurate as possible, with a high number of stitches per centimeter. But wearing a good travel companion is not just about tailoring, fabrics in fact, are the other side of a great travel suit. So make sure they are made with 100% natural fibers such as cotton, wool, linen or silk, and choose the best one according to the weather conditions of your destination. When in doubt, go for a wool fabric. It is always the best choice: it’s soft, natural-stretch, it will allow creases to drop out easily and will keep you fresh or warm at the right moment.

Versatile style

Choose classic colours that complement your complexion and basic patterns. That’s the easiest way to match jackets and trousers every time with different garments, creating new looks with a small number of pieces. This little trick will save your life when you’ll start to fold your so many clothes in front of your so small leather holdall.

Comfortable fit

When you feel good in a piece of clothing you can wear it all day, something that really can make a difference when doing so becomes a necessity. Ideal travel clothing has been worn many times before the trip, especially when it comes to footwear. But not only. You need to wear a suit (especially a jacket) that follows your body, allowing your movements, enchanting your body shape. Is it really possible? The answer is yes, and the secret is the Made to Measure.


Luxury is not just a matter of elegance, it’s about comfort and practicality too. The Italian wool mill Fratelli Tallia di Delfino has put a lot of focus on conceiving a water repellent and easy-iron fabric that offers versatility and performance qualities to every modern gentlemen. A 100% natural, comfortable fabric that has evolved from an all-Biellese experience, breathable for all-day wear, antibacterial for challenging travel conditions and water-repellent for sudden weather changes. A fabric of the highest sartorial quality with design patterns reflecting an International appeal while maintaining strictly Italian roots.

 Made with Italian woven Merino wool and crease resistant technology, a Traveller Suit is the travel companion you can’t live without.

Traveller Fabrics Lanieri

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