The best-dressed men of the 2010s

Pitti Immagine Uomo 97 in Florence and Milan and Paris fashion shows are upon us, and we are about to say goodbye to an intense decade for formal (and non-formal) men’s fashion. What more appropriate time to draw conclusions on style? Together with our Style advisors, we asked ourselves who will history remember as the most-defining men of the decade we’re about to depart. Here are our best guesses.

Alessandro Borghi

One of the important talents of Italian cinema, repeatedly awarded, Alessandro Borghi is in good with Alessandro Michele who made him an ambassador for the new Gucci. He knows how to elegantly wear eclectic and formal pieces, not only when he’s on the red carpet.

Ryan Gosling

A master of style, fixed presence in rankings of best-dressed men. Ryan Gosling has, like David Beckham, some looks he’s fond of, such as jacket and shirt without a tie, polo shirt under the jacket, V-neck sweater… Each of his outings is a lesson to be blindly followed.

Donald Glover

Aka Childish Gambino. He recorded the song (and shot the video) that dominated 2018 worldwide charts, “This is America”. He consecrated his great talent with several TV series and he’s also conquering cinema screens. A constant exposure that made him noticed also for his bold, crazy yet spot-on looks.

Alessandro Cattelan

Here we are back in Italy. Alessandro Cattelan is one of the few television one-man show who has distinguished himself in terms of style. On the X Factor stage, he dared with glitter jackets or tone-on-tone outfits, while on his talk show “EPCC”, his smart-casual looks made the rules. To keep on our radar in the next decade.

Claudio Marchisio

The Prince, the Little Lord, are all nicknames that Claudio Marchisio has earned over the years thanks to his always impeccable style. Passionate about fashion, he is one of the most elegant Italian sportsmen.

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne’s innate sense of style is just as apparent off the red carpet as it is when he’s on it. That’s because the Oscar-winning actor has established his own set of rules for off-duty dressing, like sticking with well-cut classic pieces in neutral colours. The essence of British elegance.

Alessandro Squarzi

The Italian fashion entrepreneur and street style icon is the real star of the Pitti Immagine ‘Peacocks’. Alessandro Squarzi is the master of understated Italian cool, but with a more American leaning.

Vincent Cassel

That old Italy vs France match lurks wherever possible, that’s why Monsieur Vincent Cassel has been considered only as Monica Bellucci’s husband for a long, long time. Things have changed now, also about his style. Its French touch, low profile and somewhat elegant without being flashy, is certainly effective.

Jeff Goldblum

Easy for an actor to be eclectic, difficult to know how to do it with elegance and style. Jeff Goldblum makes it. Few other men (over sixty) would know how to be credible by wearing purple suits or leather jackets. The best example of how fashion can be a long-life elixir.

Colin Firth

“Manners maketh man” says Colin Firth in his hit movie Kingsmen. It essentially means that good manners make us human, or men, if we want. It seems like this quote best describes how the British actor interprets classical elegance. With class and savoir-faire.