Business attire: 5 days look

A stylish, creative but always formal, this is the new metropolitan businessman. If once the office attire consisted of a white shirt, an oversized double-breasted and a regimental tie, now things have​ thankfully​ changed. The style continues to respect holy rules of elegance, but catch up some freedom about colours, fit and mixing accessories. Password: […]

How to choose a tie in 3 steps

Men’s iconic accessory becomes easier, more colorful and sometimes winks at eccentricity. The tie is back and adapts itself to contemporary wardrobe for men of all ages.  A tie is one of those menswear details that can often seem unnecessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is so important to distinguish desk-time from free-time, […]

Marriage Italian Style: what to wear

As every year  the summer season brings with it a whirlwind of wedding invitations. It’s all a succession of ceremonies in ancient sanctuaries, liberty villas with a view on a lake, bohémien receptions in some agritourism in the country. During the last decades the  possibilities for new themes and locations have multiplied showing the will to make […]

How to tie a tie

The purpose of the tie, in fact, is to cover the shirt buttons and the space between them. It may happen that a rotation of the trunk enlarges the edges of the shirt placed between a button and the other, revealing tank tops, hairy bellies and breasts whatsoever.Imagine a very important meeting dates in a […]