How to wear blue in every occasion

We have finally left behind the “Blue Monday“, considered by many to be the most depressing day of the year. Those who love fashion and know it in depth, however, know that blue has very different characteristics and positive qualities, and it is absolutely far from being a an emblem sadness: it embodies spirituality and dynamism, and it’s a secret weapon to add to each look a touch of elegance.

Let’s start from the beginning and have a look at the history of this color that, over time, has been the protagonist of a real role revolution.

The ancient Romans associated the blue with the color of the eyes of the Barbarians and therefore considered it as negative and a bearer of misfortune. That was a huge mistake! Just a few centuries later it was clear that blue was – indeed – particularly precious and elegant.

Suffice to say that in order to obtain it, it was necessary to mix linseed oil and lapis lazuli powder, where the various shades of brown were created simply by mixing oil and mud.

The complete rehabilitation was thanks to religion: the cloak of the Virgin Mary went from purple to blue with hues of sky-blue, to symbolize purity and positivity.
Fashion then consecrated it to the color of elegance par excellence, and from the Sixties to the most recent fashion shows, blue has always been protagonist of the most famous catwalks.

Wearing a blue suit: when?

Blue is the color that most symbolizes elegance. Way more informal than the classic black, but equally suitable for important events, it is perfect to be worn on several occasions.

  • In business meetings: experts recommend wearing blue during job interviews, for a professional and productive appearance.

  • During ceremonies: not surprisingly, the number of grooms who choose this color for the wedding day is constantly increasing. That the desire to play the role of Prince Charming has returned?

  • Every day: how to turn a blue suit or a blue jacket into a casual-chic look? The combination with a t-shirt plays down the look. You will look perfect, from the aperitif with your friends to a romantic but still informal dinner. The extra touch could be to combine the blue suit with a pair of sneakers: white if you want to rejuvenate the look, dark if you prefer to give priority to elegance.

The best combinations with blue

The combinations are endless, as well as the nuances of this color: navy, electric, ink, sapphire, royal, cobalt, dusty, metallic…

To obtain a classic yet sophisticated outfit, the ideal combinations are with white, antique pink, taupe, gray and brown.

Do you feel more rebellious and you want to dare? Unleash your creativity using more unconventional combinations with violet, yellow and pastel yellow, mustard and burnt orange.
Of course, the rule also applies to accessories: try a navy blue blazer with mustard clutch, classic jeans and white sneakers.

Blue and black: yes or no?

This question has certainly been among the most popular in recent years. The answer is only one: yes, you can. Naturally, with due precautions.

If the blue point is very similar to black, the combination is to be avoided: the blue would risk to look like a washed out black, giving a general impression of slackness. So: say no to black with extremely dark blue, yes to black with lighter and brighter shades of blue.

One last fundamental tip about blue and black.

An important rule is that black must be the basis of the outfit and that blue must be used for accessories (ties, bow ties, t-shirts…). The inversion of colors would create a much less harmonious look.

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