How to choose your custom dress shirt cuff style and design

No more than a centimeter of fabric under the sleeves of your jacket. However when it comes to style, shirt cuffs are one of those little details that really make the difference.

How to choose the right model? The first step is to decide if you’d like to go for a Barrel cuff or a French one. The choice depends on the occasion, and, of course, on your style.

French cuffs

French cuffs
Single French cuffs (left) or Double French cuffs (right)

Without buttons, French cuffs come with buttonholes on both side. They can be single or double (depending on how many folds of cloth you want) and obviously are meant to be closed with cufflinks.

French cuffs were once considered to be more formal than button cuffs, the preferred choice for most important occasions such as business events or exclusive parties. Rounded or squared, they are even today required for white tie and are the more traditional choice for black tie. A natural choice if you’re buying a tuxedo shirt or wedding shirt.

Today shirts with French cuffs can also be worn in less formal contexts, matched with sports jackets and why not, jeans. In this case, you can opt for a single cuff model, maybe closed with more casual cufflinks.

Barrel cuffs

Barrel Cuffs Shirt
Mitered Cuff (left), Barrel Cuff (center), Square Cuff (right)

The most common choice? The most practical one, of course. Barrel Cuffs with simple button closures, are easy to wear and suitable for just about any occasion. Some of them are rounded, others are mitered (angled), and square one have a straight cuff end.

Rounded cuffs are most common and subtle, whereas bevelled are generally considered more elegant and formal. The square cuff is a less common barrel cuff design, but can be great on a casual shirt.

The choice this time will depend on yours and your shirt collar style. If you really don’t want to make some fashion mistakes, just make it simple and follow coherence. More formal collars call for formal cuff, ceremony collars requires double French cuffs and casual collars (like the button-down) perfectly fit shirts with rectangular barrel cuffs.

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