Dressing for – The job interview

The clothes you wear change what people hear you say: that’s the honest truth. The way you groom yourself will change people’s attitude towards your words and it will subconsciously tell them how you really are. It will determine whether they trust or distrust. So if you want people to listen to you, the secret is to properly dress your message.

People who dress appropriately for a job interview are more likely to be successful because they look the part. Conversely, those who dress inappropriately, too informal for example, may be seen as having a more casual attitude toward work and authority, as well as possessing a lack of understanding of business etiquette.

An interviewer is expecting you to dress appropriately for the big day. If not, you are saying something important. You are showing that you don’t care about the interview or that you don’t understand the basics of what it takes to be successful in the workplace.

Dressing for - The job interviewYou want to look smart and spontaneous? That’s good. But at the same time be mindful of the culture of the company you are applying to. Start-ups and new companies have embraced a much more casual approach to what is appropriate at the office, but they are an exception.

If everyone at the office is wearing jeans and a T-Shirt and you arrive in a double-breasted dark grey suit, you’ll be out of place and won’t fit in. When in doubt, bring a blue or grey jacket and carry it with you. You can throw it on to formalize and leave it off to be more casual.

Looking sharp can be the difference between a “Welcome” and a “We’ll let you know…”. Any chance you can get to make a positive and immediate impact is a chance to get that job. A tailored look can certainly increase your chances of making a lasting and positive first impression.

Here some tips for choosing the right look for a successful job interview.

The Suit

The job interview 1A custom suit can give even the most insecure new graduate an extra dose of confidence. Keep it simple: a single-breasted two button dark grey or navy suit is versatile, effective and understated. The fit of the suit is what will set you apart from your competitors. A well-tailored jacket can promote good posture, a psychological advantage that has been well researched. So, mind the fit! You want the jacket to hug your shoulders and to be cut slim in the waist. Make sure that the sleeves allow around half an inch of shirt cuff to show.

The Shirt   The job interview 2This one’s easy: keep it crisp, clean and lightweight. White shirt or light blue with a semi-spread collar will provide the foundation from which your tie choice and suit can play off of. Subtlety is the key here.

The Tie

The job interview 3Feel free to choose small patterns and softer hues. It’s okay to show off your personality through your accessories, as long as you aren’t wearing a lime green pocket square. Also, there are many ways to tie a knot, you only need to know one way: the four-in-hand knot. Simple and apt for all situations.

The Shoes

It’s widely accepted that one of the first places a man looks when he is introduced to someone is their shoes. Your attention to detail is reflected in the condition of your leather, so be sure to get a proper shine prior to the interview. Sophisticated black double monk strap shoes are commonplace in most offices nowadays, but if deviating from the baseline isn’t your thing, we completely get it. Stick with an oxford or cap toe lace up. And please, pick socks that match the color of your suit.

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