The Made-to-Measure Revolution


Maybe you’re wondering why a Revolution. That’s simple, it is because we believe in the nobile arte del far bene and in the aesthetic taste of a customized outfit made with craftsmanship. Our Made to Measure Revolution arises from the need to make this luxury, become over the years less and less accessible, a simple […]

Pleated or not: pants guide


Pleats are back in the spotlight becoming an essential stylish detail for trousers. Forget about the slim fit and the essential silhouettes we were used to, now we are going towards a much more confortable wearability. Fashion system, as it often happens,  is ready to steer the other way. A jump forwards that draws inspiration from […]

Designer Cufflinks – What cufflink are you?

Cary Grant

Ça va sans dire that a man able to customize his outfits by choosing refined details, returns to others a more determined and self-confident idea of ​​himself. In this sense, cufflinks have always been the quintessence of men’s jewellery, the distinguishing feature of most stylish looks. This little jewel combines the charm of luxury and the attention […]

Mens Dress Shirt Styles


It is certainly not a modern invention, and it has started to intrigue gentlemen since style icons like Gianni Agnelli (and now his grandson Lapo) showed the world that everyone could easily wear it stylishly. We are now used to see shirts combined in different outfits, for which it becomes extremely important to find the style that fits us better. Let’s start from […]

Shining shoes – The tricks of the trade


Have you ever heard the italian term Sciuscià? It’s a neapolitan (birthplace of this art) term that describes shoe shine job or shoeshiner, borned at the beginning of twentieth century. “Sciuscià” is also a famous and loved neorealist film directed by Vittorio De Sica, about the stories of shoe’s artists. This is an ancient art […]