The Made-to-Measure Revolution

Maybe you’re wondering why a Revolution. That’s simple, it is because we believe in the nobile arte del far bene and in the aesthetic taste of a customized outfit made with craftsmanship. Our Made to Measure Revolution arises from the need to make this luxury, become over the years less and less accessible, a simple […]

Marriage Italian Style: what to wear

As every year  the summer season brings with it a whirlwind of wedding invitations. It’s all a succession of ceremonies in ancient sanctuaries, liberty villas with a view on a lake, bohémien receptions in some agritourism in the country. During the last decades the  possibilities for new themes and locations have multiplied showing the will to make […]

How To Wear Pocket Square

The pocket square is one of the indispensable details for defining gentleman’s style. All traditionally tailored jackets have featured a chest pocket not for a pair of sun glasses or business cards, but to show off a bit of elegance. Therefore, without something inside, a breast pocket appears unnecessary and the outfit seems incomplete. Here […]

Mens Dress Shirt Styles

It is certainly not a modern invention, and it has started to intrigue gentlemen since style icons like Gianni Agnelli (and now his grandson Lapo) showed the world that everyone could easily wear it stylishly. We are now used to see shirts combined in different outfits, for which it becomes extremely important to find the style that fits us better. Let’s start from […]

Lanieri’s Online Bespoke Suits

Having a bespoke suit was once considered a luxury reserved to the wealthy. “Bespoke” is a term invented during the nineteenth century by Savile Row’s tailors. Back then each tailoring had its own fabrics that the customers used to reserved for their garments. It is, in fact, the contraption of “been spoken for”. The term […]