Style guide to the perfect suitcase

How do we recognise a well packed suitcase? From the result, of course. If we manage to reach our destination easily and without the feeling that our luggage is a dreadful nuisance, if when we unpack our suitcase our clothes are ready to wear and if we didn’t forget any essential garment we can consider ourselves […]

The spezzato: an art suitable for everyone.

Italians are passionate about everything, lifestyle above all. What seems to be an unstudied pairing of separate jacket and trousers for the most, in Italy is an art and has a name: the spezzato. Versatile and extremely chic, the mixing and matching has become a part of contemporary culture. You will often see fashion icons (photo […]

Shining shoes – The tricks of the trade

Have you ever heard the italian term Sciuscià? It’s a neapolitan (birthplace of this art) term that describes shoe shine job or shoeshiner, borned at the beginning of twentieth century. “Sciuscià” is also a famous and loved neorealist film directed by Vittorio De Sica, about the stories of shoe’s artists. This is an ancient art […]

Pitti Florence 2015: The Key Trends

Pitti Uomo 2015

Here are three key trends to draw some ispiration: CASUAL LUXURY & SMART INFORMAL Urban, masculine and informal. A sharp look, a Zoolander’s “Magnum” expression and abundant self-confidence. But how? For example choosing tailor made jackets over sweaters with inserts made by hi-tech materials (such as neoprene), on corduroy pants with a slightly low waist. […]