The modern double-breasted suit

With the exception of a few random periods of limited renaissance, double-breasted’s principal fans have been for a long time the custom tailors and their limited but style-conscious clientele. Today, the old school DB suit has been modernized and is back in style once again. Slimmer than before but just as masculine and charming as […]

Dressing for – The job interview

The clothes you wear change what people hear you say: that’s the honest truth. The way you groom yourself will change people’s attitude towards your words and it will subconsciously tell them how you really are. It will determine whether they trust or distrust. So if you want people to listen to you, the secret […]

A Custom Dress Shirts Guide

The dress shirt, more than any other male garment, has served to distinguish a man’s wealth and social class. Up through the XIX century, a white shirt was considered the epitome of male elegance and functioned exactly like the modern T-shirt by keeping sweat away from the outer garments while protecting the body from the […]